Houston Duet (2011)
Hsiao-Lan Wang • Daniel Zajicek


Video collaboration by Daniel Zajicek and Hsiao-Lan Wang

Actors: Chris Walczak, Mindy Chen

It has always been our desire to create a semi-narrative video work involving actors. Using this as the foundation, we decided on a story involving two characters, told through a series of sonic and visual scenes.

During our time at the University of North Texas, we both had the opportunity to work closely with Phil Winsor. In addition to his generosity, his teaching and video works have remained an inspiring force for both of us. Houston Duet commemorates that inspiration, and the open-minded spirit that Phil instilled in all of his students. This work was created specifically to celebrate his contribution at UNT for the occasion of his retrospective concert in November 2011.

Red Arc/Blue Veil (2011)
music by John Luther Adams


I created this video in the fall of 2011 for Rob Smith and the University of Houston’s new music ensemble, Aura. The music is by Alaskan composer John Luther Adams and written for percussion, piano, and electronics.
Adams’ music is spacious and vast, with slow moving textures that create a static motion much like clouds and tall trees in the wind. This slow moving nature was something that I latched onto and combined it with some images of urban life–a life that often hides this kind of beauty.

Aura is directed by composer Rob Smith:

Krystel Dewberry Grauvogl, piano
Jamey Kollar, vibraphone & crotales

Bubblegum Flesh (2010)
Images: Andrew Zukoski • Music: Daniel Zajicek


The skin we wear surrounds us, warms us, protects us, and ages with us. Our voice also helps to define us, revealing not only a sonic identifier, but also a link with our thoughts. This collaboration between Daniel Zajicek (music) and Andrew Zukoski (video), explores the link between those two words through the sounds of youth, middle age, and laughter and close-up images of skin and meat.

Self Portrait (2009)

Three Videos (2009)

Yesterday Electra

A Message In Pieces

Horror Response

Foam Tripper (2008)
Images: Andrew Zukoski • Music: Daniel Zajicek

Tango Mecanique (2007)
Music: Hsiao-Lan Wang • Images: Daniel Zajicek

Hard-Boiled Wonderland (2005)
Music: Hsiao-Lan Wang • Images: Daniel Zajicek

blueMOVIE (2003)