Jackrabbit Polka

My Grandfather, Jim Zajicek Sr., is turning 90 soon, and him being from Czhechoslovakia, I decided to write him a polka. Now for those of you who don’t know it, Zajicek means “bunny” in Czech, so hense the “Jackrabbit Polka” was born. Right now I have a MIDI realization I did using Reason. You can listen to it here. [audio:http://tri-jack.org/mp3/polka3audacityFix.mp3|titles=Jack Rabbit Polka]

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  1. Great polka! To my mind, though, it could use a clarinet on the descant melody, rather than a second accordion. But hey – I’m just an old polka band trombone player and arranger. What do I know?

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