Nautilus Music-Theater performs Nothing in the Nothingness


On December 11th and 12th (2017),  my opera collaboration with John GrimmettNothing in the Nothingness, was performed by the Nautilus Music-Theater in Minneapolis/Saint Paul. Nothing in the Nothingness chronicles the thought process of a young man trapped in a coma. During a visit to the beach, he was pulled underwater in a strong undertow, and after twelve minutes without oxygen, was rescued and hospitalized, but has yet to regain consciousness. This one-act operatic monologue (recently featured in Fort Worth Opera’s Frontiers program) explores what it means to be alive and functioning in a vegetative state when consciousness is not possible. It featured Nautilus performers Eric Morris and Cathleen Fuller, with music director Mind Eschendor. A big thanks goes to Ben Krywosz for spear heading the whole thing!

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