“The Clod and the Pebble” to be performed in Portugal

On May 25th, in Castelo Branco, Portugal, Gonçalo Lourenço and the ESART singers will perform my new a capella work for SATB choir, The Clod and the Pebble. If it wasn’t for Gonçalo, this piece would be languishing on my book shelf, half-finished and never heard. Thanks you, Gonçalo and the ESART ensemble. I can’t wait for the recording!


Nautilus Music-Theater performs Nothing in the Nothingness


On December 11th and 12th (2017),  my opera collaboration with John GrimmettNothing in the Nothingness, was performed by the Nautilus Music-Theater in Minneapolis/Saint Paul. Nothing in the Nothingness chronicles the thought process of a young man trapped in a coma. During a visit to the beach, he was pulled underwater in a strong undertow, and after twelve minutes without oxygen, was rescued and hospitalized, but has yet to regain consciousness. This one-act operatic monologue (recently featured in Fort Worth Opera’s Frontiers program) explores what it means to be alive and functioning in a vegetative state when consciousness is not possible. It featured Nautilus performers Eric Morris and Cathleen Fuller, with music director Mind Eschendor. A big thanks goes to Ben Krywosz for spear heading the whole thing!

SOLE NERO: two performances of Red Arc/Blue Veil with my video

Piano and percussion duo Sole Nero (Jess Johnson, piano; Anthony Di Sanza, percussion) is using my video for their performances of John Luther Adam’s Red Arc/Blue Veil. The two performances take place on February 22nd in Madison, Wisconsin, and on May 5th at the University of Iowa. When Jess contacted me about using my video, I was so excited. In addition to these performances, I am now slated to compose a new piece for them. Look forward to that and some other projects in the coming months.

Saxophonist Alex Sellers presents “Set of Drawers” @North American Saxophone Alliance

Hey, another performance! Back on March 22nd, 2014,  Alex Sellers performed “Set of Drawers for saxophone and electronics” at the North American Saxophone Alliance Conference. Alex is a special because he is one of those rare musicians who seeks out composers and is willing to invest in their music. Can you believe he found me on Facebook? After checking me out online he asked me to compose a piece for saxophone and electronics, and after a long gestation period, I produced Set of Drawers. Thanks Alex! You are the best.

Straight Lines with Hard Edges: New Art/New Music Performance + Youtube video


This is a video made for Rice University and the Rice Gallery that features my new composition, straight lines with hard edges. The performance of it took place yesterday and went over really well. Thanks to everybody who came, and thanks to Steve Bachicha and Andrew Schneider for composing great pieces as well. I enjoyed myself so much. Hope to have a recording soon for all of you who couldn’t make it to the event.